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What we do

With almost 30 years of experience in Advertising and Marketing and having worked in multinational companies, we have the experience and the network  to meet efficiently a vast variety of projects.

In todays competitive market it is not easy to always be the best in everything. Someone else will beat you at some point to the price, to the quality, or to the POS visibility.

But you need to be different and consistent, offering high standards and value to your customers. And always be there!


Our strong point is seeing the target end-result that the client needs for his product, service or brand and plan and execute with that in mind.

We create customized plans of action, depending on the need:

From 360 product launches, to CSR campaigns, from creative content  to diverse social media playbooks and from small scale events

to big exhibitions participation!

And we cooperate with top professionals in their field

in order to deliver high end results.


With who 
we cooperate

In order to achieve the best for our clients we cooperate with a variety of professionals in order to ''fit'' their demands, their goals and their budget

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