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Attention! What everyone needs...

does this remind you pf something?

Life may have taught you, not to chase attention! This is basic stuff, known since first grade.

So why do most brands chase attention so obviously ?

Unless you have to offer a 50%-80% discount, your advertisement does not need to be so obvious that it is an advertisement.

Especially millennials do not respond to advertisements....They respond to emotions, to stories, and to UGC (User Generated Content) from people they trust.

Eye catching: yes. Creative: yes. Value for the customer: yes.

And most of all: Tell (or show) the Story!

People may pay attention under the following circumstances:

- Good Humor (at any given point!)

- If something is interesting to their needs at that given point

- If something catches their emotions, it creates excitement for them

- If something seems completely new and different to them at that given point

- If something connects to them, their life and their emotions

Lets add the ''given point'' factor...

People may pay attention at certain given points of their everyday life. (And may not, at others. Respect this).

So if someone has had a really bad day in the office, and is in the mood for cannot sell them a laptop (unless they had a bad day because their laptop broke down... Obviously a good given point!)

Be creative on where to find them and when to shoot your (absolutely) creative message!

And one more thing...

I like to think of HAIL each time a message is born.





We live in a world that products find people, not the opposite. Furthermore social media has closed the gap between discovery and action. Now as soon you see something that catches your attention you have the opportunity for immediate action. Even at 3 am!

So unless you sell Ferraris ...

Attention = Conversion

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