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A Social Media Playbook?!

What is this? What do we need it for? Who writes it?

So lets start with the basics:

What is a Social Media playbook and why do we need it?

A social media playbook is a crucial tool for any organization that plans to be active on social media. Part strategy and part implementation document, it explains when, where, how, and why social media should come to life for a brand.

The Social Media Playbook helps Brands keep a consistency in Social Media whether it is their image, their brand voice or the way they respond to fans, clients or potential clients!

Organizations must have a social media playbook to help address situations that range from the most routine customer request to a full-blown PR crisis, whether stemming from a natural disaster or a self-inflicted social media blunder.

What does a Social Media Playbook actually do?

Many social teams may fear that a Social Media Playbook will constrain their creativity and ability to assist customers. But a good playbook doesn’t tell your team “how to do social.” Instead—with input from the Social, Communications and Marketing departments—it should clearly state the overarching goals and tone for online engagement, and it can be as restrictive or as permissive as needed

While the content of these playbooks varies according to the particular needs of each company and industry, I believe that every business needs to address these points:

  1. Set the Tone, Look and Feel of all content material

  2. Guide and support conversations

  3. Set response tools in case of a crisis (Decision Tree)

  4. Support marketing efforts

  5. Guide on the frequency of posting, liking, sharing, following and # addition

  6. Support employees for effective participation in social

and it must be simple, straightforward and Actionable!

Who is responsible for the Social Media Playbook of the company / Brand?

The Social Media Playbook must be a joined effort of the following teams and - according to the industry more qualifications maybe needed

  • Marketing Team

  • Communications Team

  • Social Media Team

  • any other team input according to the industry (ie a doctors' or R&D, input)

And last but not least....

a social media playbook is a living document, so plan to update it based on your business needs, platform changes, or new brand priorities or realities about once a quarter.


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