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The 4 ... ables!

  • Searchable

  • Clickable

  • Enjoyable

  • Shareable

These are the 4 ''ables'' of a good content. Lets see in a few words what each one is.

Searchable Content incorporates the consumer's interests and info areas and is optimized with trending keywords, increasing the content's search ranking.

Therefor it is critical - while developing new content - to ensure that it gets searched... and found!

Focus on producing high-quality content that addresses popular topics or issues that your audience is searching for online.

Evidence from research, such as Farkas, Nielsen, and Levine, all that including relevant keywords in your content provides better visibility in search engines.

However, using keywords in your content alone will not help attract visitors. You need content that includes topics people are searching for, along with these keywords.

Clickable Content is simply good content! Content that grasps attention and shouts out to be clicked!

For start it has to have a catchy headline. This applies to everywhere, Social Posts, Newsletters, Blogs and Articles, videos.

Good content engages the reader, viewer or listener. It has to be unique, new, different, interesting, valuable, fun, intelligent. Anything that will engage its audience.

And of course, good content reflects positively on your brand. In the end the main reason to create content is this exactly!

Enjoyable content !

What does that even mean when everyone’s definition of “enjoyable” is so different?

Lets try to figure out...

1.Enjoyable content solves a problem

''Problem'' doesn't have to be a negative thing. It can be ''How do i make red velvet cake without sugar?'' or ''How do i get better at skiing?''.

When your audience comes away from content that helped him learn something that they can actually use, most of them find it enjoyable. Content that is actually helpful!

2. Enjoyable content is friendly

Your audience are real people not soulless robots. Don't write to that. You are writing to a person that just came home after a challenging day. Or surfs through the net on a short brake. Or has a million things to do and just needs an answer to his search. This means short sentences with small words that everyone gets. Getting to the point quicky!

I once read that you should write your content having in mind that you are talking to just a high school graduate (Remember, even PhDs put their pants on one leg at a time.)

3. Enjoyable content is credible

Your content should give readers reasons to buy in. A backed-up opinion by sources and facts. It should add value to your audience by being well researched

Shareable content

People are more likely to share content when they find it inspirational, it makes them laugh or it creates a positive experience. They share it because they find value in the message and reach out to others to share and connect.

Marketeers struggle to create this kind of content. It is the content that creates organic reach reaching some times the so desired ''viral'' content



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